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News and Documentaries
Mt Sorak
1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games
Shooting on Mt. Sorak
in South Korea
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Shooting in the Manila dump
"People Power Revolution"
Shooting in "Tondo"
(the Manila dump)
during the departure of Marcos.
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Asia-Pacific Productions has served major networks and documentary producers with our journalistic experience, quick response time and story telling imagery essential to today's competitive news markets for over a decade.

Our company is in a unique position to serve the needs of both Japanese and western broadcast, cable and business entities at a time when the demand for information about Asia, especially Japan and China, is growing. Our purpose is to assist in the production of programs about Asia's people, their cultures, governments and businesses. Having worked with both Japanese and American television companies, we know our audiences well. We are familiar with the particulars of editing and video production appropriate to both markets.

Through our work in the region, we have built up contacts with Japanese and foreign experts on a wide variety of subjects from traditional theater to contemporary sports.

With the recent addition of satellite uplink capabilities, we are better prepared than ever to satisfy the needs of clients who demand broadcast quality domestic and
international transmission services.


Industrial and Commercial
Chevron Dockside Terminal
Chevron Oil Company
"Safe Passage"
As the climate for increased business opportunities within Japan continues to grow, Asia-Pacific Productions is prepared to help sell your product or service to the Japanese. Whatever your business, be it English language courses or the latest developments in high technology, your image is all important to the Japanese. Asia-Pacific's experience in this field can assure that you look good.
Promotional Material
Omron -East meets West w/handshake
Omron Electronics Corporation
"Out of the Midst"
With the demand for better communication and business relations between Japan, the west, and the rest of Asia, there is a tremendous need for productions that companies, governments, and social organizations can use to reach interested persons around the world. Asia-Pacific Productions can write, produce and voice presentations of all kinds in many languages.
Educational Material
Classroom with Dental Students
Hyogo Dental School
"Skeletal Anatomy Class"


"Technology transfer" has become the business buzz word in Japan. More and more companies have come to realize that teaching their clients how to use and service products has become the key to greater imports and exports. Asia-Pacific Productions has been active making videotapes which effectively enhance the understanding of ideas and concepts. Past projects include the building of homes in Japan using 2x4 standard materials, advances in medical technology, and language instruction. Our training and educational programs have helped to increase knowledge and improve business and personal relationships throughout the region.
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